In an ideal world, you workplace would be a thriving hive of activity, with a passionate and engaged workforce that helped you push your business forward. However studies now show that only 20% of the British workforce are actually engaged in their jobs, and this is not just down to the employees. A disengaged workplace happens when your employees (or an individual or group within them) start to slip from being actively engaged in helping move the business forward, into passively doing the basics of their job and nothing more, or worse, into complete disengagement. This can have a serious impact on your recruitment and employee retention rates, so even if you don’t think engagement is important, you should be paying attention.


Why Should I Care?

Your business is built on your workforce. The most successful operations in the world have an actively engaged workforce, which leads to higher productivity, profitability and sales. Doesn’t that all sound great? The problem here is that employees chose how much effort they want to put into their work, and the less engaged they are the less effort they will put in. In order to get your employees going that extra mile for you, you as an employer need to take action and build the right working conditions to get them engaged. There are 5 tell tale signs that your people are disengaged:


A Quality Nose Dive

A fully engaged employee will turn out high quality work and always go that extra mile to make sure the job is done well. A disengaged employee however, will routinely deliver poor quality work without much thought for the consequences.  They often make daft and easily avoidable mistakes in their work, like a developer sending out code without testing it, missing deadlines and letting down customers. Some of these signs might turn up fleetingly in engaged workers, but when they become a regular occurrence it’s time to start getting concerned.


No Worries, And No Pride Either

The term poor performance can cover a whole host of issues, but in this particular case we are talking about general performance. The disengaged worker will often be very slow and inefficient at their job, taking much longer than necessary to complete simple tasks. They are also likely to take longer breaks, take no pride in their work and attempt to distract others from their work and engage in workplace gossip about their co-workers. This can create a very hostile and unhappy environment for everyone in the workplace, cause escalating costs for you for overtime, reworking and even fines, so is worth watching out for.


The Prophet Of Doom

No one enjoys negativity in the workplace. It breeds disinterest and lowers the morale of everyone there. But disengaged employees are likely to be the cause. These employees leap on every chance to badmouth their employers, undermine the authority of their managers and even entire organisation, sometimes without any real reason. The prophet of doom will inadvertently (or intentionally!) cause low morale in your workplace, and leave you dealing with a high staff turnover rate.


Stuck In The Mud

There is a part in every human being that is a little resistant to change. Most of us are able to cope by focusing on the positive aspects to the change, but that requires a conscious decision to do so. Often a disengaged employee will become incredibly negative when change or improvement is discussed, and be very vocal about how they feel. You will often hear the phrase ‘we’ve always done it like this’ or ‘we tried that before and it failed’. This kind of attitude affects other employee’s confidence and ultimately slows down your business growth, if it doesn’t stop it altogether.


The Job Half Finished

Finally, an employee who has become disengaged with the business is likely to feel no loyalty to their employer, which in a service based organisation can be particularly disastrous. When jobs are left half done, or to a very poor level of understanding this will often lead to dissatisfied customers and unhappy colleagues who are forced to pick up the slack. From a sales perspective this can mean negotiations left ide open for your competitors, which will damage your sales and your cashflow.


If you recognise any of these signs, then you might find it a struggle to find and retain new talent. At Precise Target Recruitment, we work with business of all shapes, sizes and cultures to find the best employees for them. For more information on finding the perfect employee for your workplace – regardless of your engagement levels, get in touch with us today.


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