At Precise Target Recruitment, we come across a lot of different types of businesses, all of whom need different types of people to make their organisation successful. But across the board, the common ground for all businesses in terms of recruitment is – sales. Every growing businesses needs a strong sales team to drive new business and keep everything moving forward, so it’s important to find the right people for the job. If you’re looking to hire in a new sales person to join your team, we have a few tips to help you get the best out of them and improve the rest of your team as well. 

Introduce Shadowing For New Team Members

Instead of asking a new sales person to learn alone or to start selling by themselves on day one, introduce a shadowing system for new team members. Try and make it part of the norm that less experienced staff members can shadow more experienced members of the sales team. By watching your front line sales team in action and asking questions, your new hire is learning about your company culture, the way you like your sales people to speak and the ins and outs of the sales process for your business. 

Encourage Bite-Sized Participation

A lot of businesses will adopt a ‘sink or swim’ attitude to their sales teams, throwing them into the deep end and expecting them to start leading customers through the entire sales process from prospect to closing. Once they have been shadowing a sales team member for a while, encourage them to start making one or two contributions to the sales process.  They could open a meeting, compile and write the proposal, deliver part of the sales pitch or even handle the negotiation. By giving new members one thing to focus on at a time, you are helping them develop and learn your process in a more valuable and in-depth way, rather than trying to juggle everything at once.

Encourage Teamwork

The key word that’s often missing when people talk about sales is the ‘team’. Despite its competitive nature, your sales team should be working as a team, not as a rivalry. Try to encourage your sales team to work together in groups or in pairs. This not only develops your team performance and morale, but it also de-risks your organisation from since stand out employee performance. Working together means one can provide sanity checks or ask questions to reveal problems before the client sees them. 

Facilitate Introductions For Your Sales People

If you have existing client relationships within your business where a client is assigned a single point of contact, the transition can be tricky. You can’t just expect a new person to call the client and introduce themselves as the new point of contact, you need to build up a relationship and trust first. An attached client handover needs to be handled delicately, with introductions made to the new person by the old contact, or by someone more senior in the organisation if that is not possible.  Maintaining the clients trust should be paramount here, so handle introductions carefully. 

Do Whatever You Can To Make Your New Hire Successful

At the end of the day the businesses owner needs to help their team as much as their team helps them succeed. After all, the more your new hire succeeds, the more your team and therefore your business succeeds. Seed referrals to your new hires, or deals you know will close easily to get them into the swing of things and boost their confidence. Set them up for success with training courses and resources, especially if they are a less experiences sales person. Make sure you congratulate them on their success, instead of just attributing it to ‘the team’. Make your new sales person feel valued and safe and they are more likely to bring you better results, loyalty and lots of hard work.

Of course, many of these tips only work if you have hired the right person for the job in the first place. At Precise Target Recruitment we are highly experienced in filtering CV’s to find the perfect sales people for your business. We don’t just screen based on experience, but on fit, passion, role suitability and so much more. If you are looking to hire a new sales person and don’t know where to start, get in touch with us today for more information.

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