Office perks have been a big focus for businesses for a long time – a great way of attracting the best candidates and encouraging them to work for you. But while exciting office perks might make your company seem more appealing in the short term, it’s not such a draw for candidates today – especially when it comes to them landing the right position and you landing the right candidate.

Have A Look Around… 

Businesses around the world offer a wide variety of benefit to their employees in the hopes of attracting (and keeping) the best talent –from the ‘cool’ to the downright staggering. Just take a look around – Lego have slides in their office, Yahoo hosts office yoga classes, Air BnB offers free holidays. It isn’t just the US either – companies in the UK jumped on this bandwagon a long time ago, from owning your own allotment to on-site complimentary gym facilities and sleeping pods. These office perks not only provide a huge attraction for job seekers, but are a great way to promote a work/life balance.

But if you’re not a multi-million-pound business, providing perks like these is almost impossible. Instead many businesses offer smaller perks, thinking this will still draw in the talent they crave. But while an abundance of beanbag chairs, complimentary meals and staff discounts might seem like a fantastic initial pulling factor, is it really enough to provide the ongoing job satisfaction you need to keep that top talent? 

Culture Over Coffee 

While unlimited free food and coffee at your business might be a good incentive for people to join your business, good perks are sliding into second place. Instead, the reason candidates are choosing to stay with new employers is more to do with the culture and atmosphere of the company. A recent study has suggested that a high ‘social sensitivity’ within an organisation is key to encouraging long term commitment and higher performance from employees. In other words, people being able to be open, honest and accurately talk about their feelings and gauge the feelings of others has a huge impact on the attractiveness of the business.

So while office perks are a great way to encourage that ‘first glance attraction’ to your business, it’s becoming increasing clear that candidates are expecting a good long term fit as well. That means a strong company culture, stability and a workplace that encourages employees to feel valued, work hard and earn readily available promotions and rewards. Simply having great perks is not enough anymore. So does your business pass the ‘first glance’ test?

At Precise Target Recruitment we pride ourselves on bringing a fresh approach to the recruitment market. We provide the right candidates for the right positions, while helping employers to define what they want from a candidate, so they can get the perfect candidate every time. We use a unique recruitment process (sorry, we can’t tell you what it is!) to provide candidates who are excited and dedicated to working for your company. For more information, get in touch with us today.

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