As recruiters, we deal with thousands of CV’s every day. Good ones, bad ones, outstanding ones and some that don’t even exist physically. But something we get asked fairly regularly is ‘do I really need a CV”? And it’s a valid question. With the advent of LinkedIn as a digital CV, and employers doing more thorough background research before inviting candidates in to interview, why is the CV still so important?

What’s The Point Of A CV? 

Typically, a CV is your first chance to make a good impression on a potential employer. It’s the first thing they see about you, and it’s something you have the chance to craft, hone and polish. Why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of that fact? But your CV should be more than a summary of your past experiences and a list of why you’d be good for the job. It should be a documented work in progress – a place where you list all that you have achieved and what you are still striving towards. A place to discuss your goals and accomplishments as they develop and express what drives you. CV’s can be tailored to suit each and every application, and with some research and effort can really make you shine brighter than any other candidates. All of which contributes to the real purpose of a CV – to get you in front of the employer in an interview.

Recruiters Golden Ticket 

When you’re a kid looking to land a part time job for some drinking money, dropping into shops and asking if they’re hiring works just fine. But for an adult looking to find their next career, it’s a serious endeavour that can often eat up all of your time, and many people require some help. That’s where recruiters come in. We have contacts within businesses who are looking to hire, and it’s our job to match up the right candidates to the right roll and prepare them for the interview stage. But we can’t do any of that without a CV. The CV is the document we use to get the measure of you, along with phone calls and personal meetings. It’s what we send along to prospective employers and it’s what we use to match you up with the right roles. If you go to a recruiter without one, they will likely either help you to write one or tell you they can’t help.

Your Essence On A Page 

If you’ve written your CV well, it should feel like the essence of you on a page. Recruiters and employers see thousands of CV’s every single day, so your CV needs to be their way of recognising you. Everything that identifies you as a person (in a professional capacity – no one needs to know about your secret rabbit collection) should be together in that single sheet of paper, ready to be read. Your CV is essentially your recruitment passport – it’s what gets you through the process and contains all of your essential information, allowing a recruiter or employer identify you at a glance. Your CV should make a lasting impression and give the reader a reason to talk to you every time.

For tips on writing a killer CV or help finding your next dream job, just get in touch with us. We specialise in finding the right people for the right job, and placing them in a position they are really passionate about using a recruitment process unique to us. But we can’t give it all away, so you’ll have to chat with us to find out more!

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