Looking for a new job can sometimes feel like a chore – especially if you’re applying for a lot of positions, handing out CV’s like candy. But if you’re looking to land your dream job, your CV needs to make a big impression on everyone who sees it. More than that it needs to make the right impression every time. To do that, you need a CV that quickly demonstrates your skills and value to potential employer and creates a sense of urgency – this recruiter needs to send you through to interview quickly. But how?

Craft Your Professional Image

With recruiters receiving so many CV’s a day (literally thousands), making yourself seem professional and polished can really make you stand out. No scrappy pieces of paper or hurriedly written descriptions will do here. Your CV is the marketing material for you as a person, so take the time to make sure it is well presented. This includes the design of your CV, what it is printed on and the actual content of it. Using a clean and simple font, professional title, justified text and clean sections helps a great deal here.

Make It Easy To Read

Recruiters receive on average 118 CV’s per job vacancy, which can take a lot of time to read through! To curry favour with recruiters and show you understand that their time is valuable, make your CV easy to skim read. Include headings that allow recruiters to easily pick out the key information they need. Keep your CV to around 2 pages with short paragraphs and plenty of bullet points. Avoid big chunks of text as this makes your CV difficult to read and unappealing to the busy employers your CV will end up in front of.

Pay Attention To The Top Quarter

The top quarter of your CV is the first thing the reader is going to see when they open it, so it needs to make a big impact. Many employers will only skim read the beginning of your CV and move on if it doesn’t grab their attention or they don’t see what they need. This might seem a bit harsh, but it is the unfortunate reality of the busy employer. A good way to optimise your CV is to look up the main candidate requirements for the role type you are looking for, and include as many as possible (providing they are relevant!) to the top of your CV. This will show recruiters that you are a good fit for the role and encourage them to read more.

 Prove Your Value

Each time a business hires a new employee, they are making an investment in that person – so they will eventually expect a return on that investment. This might not be a financial return, but they will want to see some benefit to their organisation from taking you on. So make sure you provide examples of value you have brought to previous employers, such as revenue generated, time saved or processes improved.

Write Individual Cover Letters

Many people keep their CV the same for every application, but instead provide cover letters for each one. This is a great method, providing you actually write new cover letters for each job opening. Your cover letter is the perfect place to briefly explain why you are interested in the job and why you would be a good fit for it. Keep it short and sharp, but demonstrate what you have to offer the employer that isn’t already in your CV.

The job market can be tough, and sometimes it might feel like you’re going nowhere. The key to securing an interview for your dream job is making a big, lasting impression with your CV – enough to get the recruiters and employers interested in meeting you. This is often the biggest challenge for job seekers, and spending a little time on your CV can make a big difference. For more CV tips, or for help finding your dream job, get in touch with us and find out more.


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